Cases & Bags

Our saddle bags, pommel bags and cases for pistols, rifles or shotguns and other gear can be made to match any of our gun rigs or accessory items. While we regularly provide bags built to standard (or traditional) dimensions, we can create new ones specific to your needs or measurements.

Solitaire's Portmanteau

Light mahogany

Large Valise

Double Sunset & Furstnow Border

This style of bag has been around since before the American Revolution and remains as useful and serviceable today whether you use it as a weekend getaway bag or as a range bag. This one is 17" long, 9" tall and 10" deep. These dimensions can be altered to your needs as required. The bag shown here has our delux, fully-hand-braided handle on it. Plainer handles are available.

This bag can also be equipped with a shoulder strap if desired.

JJ's Saddle Bag

Havana with Hair-On Topi Insert

Twelve By Twelve

Flame, Furstnow & Beartooth border

These bags are 12' x 12" and are larger than recommended for horseback use. They were designed to serve as both briefcase and overnight bag.

The hair-on portion in this pair are "Topi", an African antelope. Our standard insert is either cow or calf. The skin in these was provided by the customer who wanted a reminder of a hunting trip in a functional day-to-day item. The solid sterling silver conchos and buckles are by the late Dale Harris.

Chris’ Pommel Bag

Black Background dye on a British Tan foreground

Chris’ Holster/Pommel.

This is a one-off design made to match an existing saddle. The pouch and holster are based off patterns made for the JC Johnson Pommel bag while the side pieces (or connecting pieces) are based on a Main & Winchester design. The Main & Winchester design allows for a tighter, more specific fit to the horn. The laced area opposite the buckle is not simply to connect the 2 halves of the bag. A very slight angle is built into this area which kicks the bag and holster forward providing greater clearance and comfort for the knees.

Elko. This is a modern carving design created to match a saddle.

Dale’s Pommel Bag

Dark Brown Background on light antique background

Elongated Main & Winchester. These bags were created to be approximately 3” longer than the standard, period-correct bags. The additional length was incorporated as these bags were intended not only for horseback use, but also occasional use as an overnight bag and as a sample case.

Gun-engraved, copper rose. This is an intricate, modern design marked by intertwined stem and scroll work.

Solid sterling silver conchos and buckles by Dale & Kim Harris.

JC Johnson & Co Bag


JC Johnson & Co.

This “asymmetrical” pommel bag was recreated from a photo from “Cowboys & The Trappings of the Old West”. It has been altered as follows: The connector for the footman loops has been omitted as has the hole for the horn. The narrow side (connecting) piece fits in front of the horn of most modern saddles and is tied in place with the front saddle strings. Because there is no horn hole, the bag may also be tied behind the saddle depending on the wishes and intent of the rider. This bag can be had with 2 holsters or two bags or with holster specifically oriented for a particular way of carrying them (behind horn or cantle) as the user wishes.

Sergio's Saddle Bags

Antique Brown


This is a classic set of bags based on a style found in a Meanea Saddlery Catalogue from the turn of the last century. The border is classic Meanea while the rosette and spots is a custom touch we thought entirely appropriate to the piece and to the spirit of the era. The bags measure approximately 9' x 10'.

Gary’s Portmanteau

Antique Brown

Large valise

Elko-style Copper Rose

This large roomy bag is patterned on the portmanteaus that were in use from Colonial times on through to the late 1880’s. This one is built with rigid sides and is designed to carry a hefty load in a fairly compact space. We build this style of bag in two sizes. The large bag is approximately 17” wide x 9” tall while our medium bag is 151/4” wide x 8” tall. This one is shown with our standard, rounded leather handle and with stainless steel appointments.

California Jaeger Bag

Light Mahoganywith brass spots and green, brown & cream woven wool strap


1849'er with Repeating 9's border

Our intentions on creating this bag were twofold: first, to creat an outstanding hunting pouch and 2nd, to put together a tooling pattern that would reflect the era just before cartridges came on the scene. This bag is carved in our 1849'er style which is based very strongly on patterns used by the Main & Winchester Saddlery at this time. The edges are bound handsomely with "pinked" leather. The strap was woven by CJ Wilde and is unique in color and nature.