COwboy Action & B WESTERN Gun Leather

Our concept of the holster varies from most other makers. While we offer a large number of period correct gun rigs (see our "Traditional" pages), we also understand the need to build all of our gun leather to suit the ergonomic requirements of today's shooters. Our specialty lies in providing the correct rake and drop and in tailoring "ease of draw" to your specific activity or wishes. In short, the shooter is not limited either functionally or aesthetically and we have no problem with you taking the details from one or more holsters and applying them to something which suits your needs or fancies.

Carolina Kid’s Gun Rig

Dark Mahogany

Meanea Halfbreed Holster

3-piece Taper Belt

Holster: Old California carving with 4-Point Star & Chain border.

Belt: End Pieces : Old California with repeating 9's boder. Center panel: Chain & 4-point Star border.

The holster is based on the classic Meanea Cheyenne style holster but departs from it in that it has only a single loop. The traditional skirt is hidden. This holster has been dropped signifigantly to facilitate drawing a long-barreled pistol. The belt is a3 -panel design which allows for a bit of "show" up front and strict functionality in the cartridge loop area.

Catawba Kate’s Holster

Black with tan lace

Modified SC Gallup

3-piece Taper Belt

Holster: Colorado Rose with Repeating 9 border

Belt: End Piece: Colorado Rose with Repeating 9's border. Center panel: No Noose Neal Border

Cut very much like our traditional SC Gallup holster, this one is modified with cigar band loops rather than the traditional straight loops. It is also fully whiplaced with tan kangaroo lace. There is a small “gambler” concho on the top loop. The cartridge and shotgun loops were placed for the shooter's personal style.


Cripple Creek Bob’s Rig

Dark Brown background dye on Golden Oak foreground

Cripple Creek Bob Skirted Holster

Ranger Belt

Holster: “Colorado” floral

Belt: "Colorado" floral

This is a full floral-carved rig. It has been background dyed to bring the tooling into stark relief. While it has a fairly high cut on the cylinder, the trigger guard area, separate loop construction and fancy floral work suggest a nice post 1920 to pre World War II feeling.





Cat Ballou’s Holster


Modified Duke Halfbreed Holster

3-piece Taper Belt

Holster: 1890’s Rose Carving with Sunset border.

Belt: End Pieces: "1890 Rose with Sunset border. Belt Body: Sunset border.

The holster is flaired slightly at the cylinder and has a custom-shaped cigar band-style loop with a diamond concho. It has been raked 10 degrees muzzle forward & rides low to facilitate drawing.


Chris’ Gun Rig

British Tan with black background and black lace

Slim Jim

Taper Belt

Holster: Elko Rose with buckstitched border.

Belt: Elko Rose with buckstitched border

The full floral tooling on this rig is rendered in a modern Nevada style. Though modern in appearance, it retains a very high cut at the trigger guard and on the cylinder which allows good retention of the pistol while on horseback without the need for a hammer strap or loop. The buckle on the belt is a custom sterling buckle made specifically for this rig.


Citizen Kane’s Gun Rig

British Tan with black background, havana cartridge loops and chocolate-colored lace

Buck Jones Skirted Holster

Double Drop Straightback Buscadero Belt

Holster: Buck Jones.

Belt: Buck Jones

The original Buck Jones rig varies from this one in more than color scheme. The holsters' contours closely follow the ones of the original and the sterling silver buckles and conchos are as close to the original as we could find. It is the tooling pattern which varies in that the Buck Jones brand in the toe of the holster has been replaced by floral tooling. The original Buck Jones holster also has the billet which form the loop pass through the holster pouch to expose all lacing. We have eliminated this for purposes of unencumbered holstering of the pistol.

The belt also varies in that it is wider and shotgun loops never appeared on the original.


Derick’s Gun Rig

Golden Oak

Modified Classic Quick Draw Holster

1950’s Buscadero Belt

Holster: Chain & 4-point Star border

Belt: Chain & 4-point Star border

This holster is to all intents and purposes our Traditional Qucik Draw holster with a cigar band loop rather than the usual buckle loop and with a squarer profile on the toe. The hammer loop on this one has a bleed knot “tab” added to it. This is both quicker and easier on the thumb when drawing or holstering.







Roy’s Gun Rig

Golden Oak with dark brown border band and bright nickel spots

B Western Skirted Holster



This is an elegant gun rig. While it is usual for this type of holster to appear on a “drop loop” or buscadero-style belt, this customer chose a straight-cut gunfighter-type set up for his rig.It is typical of Hollywood styles of the 20's through 40's with its exposed trigger, low cylinder cut and stitched-through toe.







Sassy Teton Lady’s Gun Rig

Black with antique nickel spots

Duke Halfbreed Holster

Taper Belt

Holster and Belt: Teton Lace border

A clssy-looking rig. The shotgun and cartridge loops are arranged as per the customer's specific requests.







Captain Gus' Rig

Light mahogany


Gunfighter belt

Holster: Old El Paso with Flame Border

Belt: Ocean Flame Border

This is a handsome holster with a slim jim profile. The mainseam is uncontoured and the trigger guard is open on both front and back. The Heiser company of Denver marketed a cut similar to this as a "Quick Draw Option".