TRaditional GUN Leather

The gun belts and holsters presented within these next pages are either reproductions of existing period holsters or are holsters and belts which we have created based on our knowledge of era, region and history. Notes regarding historic insights and period correctness can be found in the "About" sections beside each photograph. Many holsters were offered with minimal tooling or with a variety of border stamped designs or with other carved designs. Just because they are not shown this way does not mean they cannot be had. The basic profiles and tooling may be altered according to your wishes. (Some of these appear in our Cowboy Action pages.)

Phils Gun Rig


Antique Brown

Old California Slim Jim

Money Belt

Holster: Old California with "Running S" Border

Belt: "Running S" Border

This is a period-correct style for the early frontier. With the exception of a slightly reconfigured trigger area and a lowered drop, it is identical to the '49'er. The carving pattern is also identical to the 49'er with the noted exception that an additional layer of borderstamping has been added. It is a period correct holster for the late 1840's on through to the late '80's. Sadly, the buckle is no longer available.

HF Brimstone


HF Brimstone Slim Jim.


Repeating 9s and Beartooth Border.

This holster features a high, old tyme cut on the cylinder with lovely, sweeping throat rsecurves. The pouch itself is an unusual straight taper. With its toe plug and traditional high cut, it would be historically accurate for the late 1870s through to the late 90s.




Meanea Rig

Antique brown

Meanea with Cigar Band Loops

Money Belt

Holster: Meanea Poinsetta

Belt: Ocean Wave Border

This is possibly among the most copied of all holsters. The original graces the front cover of "Packing Iron". We have carved it as the original with minor alterations to the exterior border and to the cigar band loop. (The originals are straight.) We have also taken liberties with the belt, making it full borderstamped rather than reproducing a plainer belt. It is a period correct rig for the late Frontier era in every respect.

The clip point buckle on this rig is sadly no longer available.




Furstnow of Hollywood Holster


British Tan

Furstnow of Hollywood

Furstnow of Hollywood.

When "self-cockers" (double action revolvers) came on the scene, the Mexican loop holsters did not vanish. They were merely adapted to the new-fangled weapons as they came along. This holster is an exact-as-we-could-get-it copy of an original marked "Furstnow, Hollywood, Maker;. The original was made for the Police Positive as depicted here and is period correct for the early 1900's on through to 1940. We also make this style for the earlier Single Actions and can even adapt it for a 1911!





SC Gallup Three-Quarter Skirt Gun Rig


Light Mahognay

SC Gallup with 3/4 Skirt

Money Belt with Tulip Bulb Billets

Holster: Colorado Rose with Repeating 9's Border

Belt Billets: Old California Floral, Belt Body: Ocean Wave Border

This is a period-correct style for 1880 - 1940. The pouch,skirt and loops are patterned the same way as our "SC Gallup" below. We have left the skirt short rather than bringing it to the bottom of the muzzle. This was traditional. The holster has also been stitched throughout while our "SC Gallup was whiplaced up the main seam. Both treatments are period correct.

SC Gallup Gun Rig

Antique brown

SC Gallup

Money Belt

Holster: Colorado floral

Belt: Ocean Wave Border

This is a classic holster comfortable in the post Frontier eras on through to the 1940's. The tooling on this one is from the late 20's to 40's and the toe is of the stitched-closed style. The main seam is whiplaced with white rawhide lace in a style very popular with Colorado and its bordering states. The Maker's Mark appears on the front of the loop at the request of the customer.



Idaho John Holster

Light Mahogany with white goat whiplaced main seam.

Idaho John

Idaho Floral

The advent of the hand ejector and other double action revolvers did not immediately bring the mdoern holster into being. Makers continued to build holster in the traditional Mexican Loop styles which they understood and which were understood and desired by their customers. Many of our customers continue this tradition and request their field holsters in the same styles. This one was made for a Smith and Wesson N-frame but can be adapted to any 6 shooter, double or single action.

Belts can be had to match along with accessory items such as knife sheaths.

Our thanks to Pat Henson for this photograph!