Field, Shoulder and Chest Rigs

The shoulder rig became particularly popular at the end of the 19th century. As civilization encroached on the raw frontier, keeping a weapon out of sight while in town became a priority for both lawman and unruly alike. Period-correct models laid the gun straight up and down under the armpit and proved difficult to access. Ours are styled for the period but are very slightly canted forward and provide both excellent concealment and access to the weapon.
Shoulder rigs remain popular today both for field rigs and concealed carry. We have updated our line of old-style shoulder rig with the more modern spider-configuration holsters. The Spider rigs are extremely versatile and can be configured with an older style underarm strap, with a dump pouch, clip, cuff case or knife sheath on the waekhand side to stabilize the weight of the strongside weapon. It can also be configured as a chest rig. AFor field use, it is an excellent choice. We also offer several other variations on the theme of the chest rig for your convenience.
In addition to our shoulder and chest rigs, we offer a number of "Field" Holsters with or without accompanying belts.
Please note that we cover only the revolvers on these pages. For 1911's, please see our "19119" pages.

Field Thumb Break

British Tan

Roy's Field Break

Sunset & Furstnow Border

This holster provides excellent protection and retention for a firearm in the field.

Shown is one of our classic borders. We can do this holster (plus matched belts, slides and other accessories) in any border, geometric or carved design shown on the website.


Borderstamped Threepersons

Light Mahogany

Thumb Tab ThreePersons

Furstnow with Repeating 9's Border

The legend says that Tom Threepersons cut the pattern for what was to become the Threepersons style of holster from a soda can and then asked Tio Sam Myers of SD Myers Saddlery if it could be made. It was an instant hit and forever changed the gunleather landscape.

This is ourthumb tab version, one of many that we make based on the original cut Myers perfected. The thumb tab retains the pistol securely and does doeble-duty in keeping the moveable rear sights on revolvers such as the Ruger Blackhawk, Single 6 and the S&W J,K & Land N- frames from getting banged around. (There are many ways to skin this cat. We illustrate other "systems" to protect rear sights on other holsters below.)


Cecil Threepersons

Antique Brown

Classic Three Persons

Arizona Tulip

No Noose Neal

While the name we have given this holster seems misleading -- there never was a Cecil Threepersons -- we are merely following a western tradition of associating names and ownership. In short, the fellow who asked us to make this for him is named Cecil. (It works for us!)

This is a quintissential Threepersons style. The safety strap is secured with a button stud which we prefer over snaps for simplicity and longevity. The kangaroo-laced main seam is not standard but is an option on any of our holsters. It can be stitched if you prefer it that way.


Hamley Brill


Brill with Trigger Recurve


The Brill holster remains as iconic a holsteras its contempory, the Threepersons is. It's trademark streamlined front loop gives it an appeal that takes you back very much to the past. Brill's holsters were mostle basketstamped. Our customer chose to have his done in our very classy Hamley pattern.

This one is raked about 20 degrees grips forward in the classic Brill style and is both handy to draw from and extremely comfortable.




Furstnow Threepersons

British Tan with dark background

Purdy Threepersons

Furstnow of Hollywood

We're pretty certain that the folks at Furstnow's of Hollywood never interacted with those at SD Myers. One of our customers decided that this historical meeting should take place and the end result is one pretty little holster! There's just something about that Threepersons style that tells our customers that just about anything looks great on it. The fact that the Threepersons is an outstanding field holster doesn't hurt either!








Masters' Chest Rig

Light Mahogany

Bugout Chest Rig

Maricopa Flower with 1917 Border

At the last SHOT show,we were asked if we would like to contribute a couple of pieces which would be auctioned to benefit First Shots at the 2013 Shooting Maaters event. this chest rig was the 1st piece.

The features of the rig are that is positions the firearm convenienly and securely in the center of the chest. There is plenty of adjustment to take you throu whatever clothing meets the season. The chest strap is wide enough to spread the weight of a firearm for all day comfort. The belly band is made so that it is easy to thread accesories on giving more chooses and options for carrying gear while in the field.









Hamley Spyder

Light Mahogany


Hamley with Repeating 9's Border

Among the biggest compliments that can be paid to a holster system is to consider it not onlky comfortable but versatile, easy to adjust and handsome as well. The spyder system -- no matter what it is made for, how the firearm is oriented or what accessories are chosen seems to fulfill all of those qualifications. This one was built for a Colt Detctive Special. It has optional belt tie-downs and a dump pouch as an accessory.








Heiser 738

British Tan with Dark Background and white goat rawhide laced mainseam

Heiser 738

Furstnoew of Hollywood with no outer border

The best way to protect a prized firearm in the field is with a flapped holster. It's slow to draw from, yes, but there is no holster which does the job of protecting a firearm better. This one is patterned on the old Heiser 738 holster. The flow lines are all Heiser but we have substituted the floral elements from a Furstnow of Hollywood holster into those lines in order to match up a belt we did previously for our customer.

This holster is raked grips forward about 15 degrees and is dropped for a more efficient draw. When worn, the top of the grip frame is at the top of the belt. There is a toe plug and a removeable tie-down. The main seam is laced with white rawhide goat.






Hamley Shoulder Rig

Light Mahogany

Standard Old-style Shoulder Rig.

Hamley Geometric with Repeating 9’s Border

Figure of Eight (concealment)


Longridge Kelly’s Skeleton Rig


Skeleton Rig

Elko Leaf

Figure of Eight (concealment)

The skeleton rig made its appearance towards the very end of the 1800's.This particular one is built on the same lines as the traditional turn-of-the-century models with the exception of the sterling appointments on the spring and the boot. (Traditionally, these areas were unadorned.). The carving pattern is also more modern than would have been the case on a rig from this era. While this is a handsome and showy rig, we would not recommend it for active participation in SASS or CAS shooting events as the sturdy spring necessitated for this sort of construction makes the rig slow for holstering. However, if you like gathering points for style… this rig definitely says: “In your face!”




Myers Field

Arizona Rose

SD Myers had a habi of working with people to create holsters which were functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We a pleased to offer this holster patterned after one of his field-style holsters. This one is straight up and fairly high-riding. It can be had in a classic FBI tilt or crossdraw as well.








Roy's Field Rig


British Tan

Roy's Field Holster

Huntington Floral with Repeating 9's Border


Billets: Huntington FloralMain Body: Repeating 9's and Doc Martin Vine Border

We have always maintained that when you have completed your day out in forest or field that you should be able to hang your gunleather on a peg or over a chair and enjoy some memories. This holster is that pretty! But don't let appearances fool you. This rig is Field-hand tough!

Roy's Field Holster varies slightly from our standard holsters mostly from the cut at the throat and toe. The top of the pouch is cut with a fully-enclosed trigger guard for protection against brush and debri. The moveable rear sights are protected by an integral shroud. The combination of safety strap and shroud works particularly-well with the N-Frame revolvers which tend to have a wide, bulbous hammer that tends to hang up a thumb tab. The toe on this one is open by request. It can be had with a stitched-through toe or even with a toe plug.




Valdez Chest Rig

Oak Leaf with carved Moose insert


The Valdez chest rig is characterized by 1" straps throughout it's harness. The wider straps allow for attaching a slide for extra ammo or a knife sheath if you prefer wearing overalls or coveralls in the field.It also has a moveable shoulder "pad", useful for easing the weight of a heavy revolver when in the field. Initial adjustment is by chicago screw and buckle.Once fitted, it is very easy to resize for more or less clothing by buckles alone. The revolver is held in place with a thumb tab over the hammer which also does double duty in protecting moveable rear sights.

Bear VALDEZ Chest Rig



Valdez Chest Rig

Elko Leaf with carved Grizzly Bear insert


This version of our Valdez chest rig is shown as a close-up. It varies form the one above only in the model of revolver fitted, color of hardware and in tooling pattern. All else is identical.



Dakota Doc Martin Huckleberry Rig


Havana with British Tan lining and loop, brass spots & Mexican Peso concho

Dakota Doc Huckleberry

Dakota Doc Martin Border with brass spots within tooling


Our Huckleberry harness is fairly typicsl in that it positions the firearm in a high crossdraw.The holster varies radically from standard model chest rigs in that it is presented as a slim jim with a Texas jock strap style loop.